I Stammer, Here Are Steps On How To Reduce Stammering

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Stammering occurs in every language and culture throughout the world at 1% of the adult population. people that stammers have the same range of personality and intellectual traits as those who do not.

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Years ago, it was believed that parents’ behaviour caused their children to stammer. Now research proves that parents do not cause stammering and that this old-fashioned view was wrong. Although, it may still be held by some uninformed people and cause parents’ considerable distress. However, we do know that parents play a vital role in helping their child by managing the speaking and listening environment in order to reduce the impact of the stammer.

Stammering is referred to as a speech disorder, another name for stammering is called stuttering. If you stammer and you think you can’t stop it, and people hate you because you are a stammerer, well don’t give up and don’t feel bad. because It`s possible to control, reduce and permanently eliminate stammering.

When a person suffers from stammering, he/she can`t perform at the normal speech pace and/or rhythm. The person can also accompany the struggle of normal speech with physical reactions. It can be lips shaking and eye blinking.

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It will take a lot of work. Therefore, a person who suffers from this disorder should put a lot of efforts to get rid of it. How to stop stammering? Just follow this top 5 steps.

Steps to reduce stammering

Visit a doctor

Well you may think which kind of doctor – Speech language pathologist of course

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When you contact your doctor about stammering here are some questions, he/she may ask you:

When did your stammering begin? In adulthood? In childhood? At which particular time? What do you think caused it?

  • Do you have any other difficulties in terms of speaking?
  • How does stammering affect your life? (social, work, private)
  • Does your stammering cause any other physical or psychological problems? (anxiety, low self-esteem, weight loss, phobias)
  • How long does your stammering last?
  • Is there any other speech problem? etc.

These are not the only questions, there are so many other questions the doctor is going to ask, to mention but a few.

Speech therapy

After visiting a doctor, remember the doctor you are to visit, you will be asked to go for speech therapy. This therapy will teach you how to control stammering. From the therapy, you will learn how to speak correctly and learn what triggers your stammering. There are several exercises which you can use right now to reduce your stammering!

  • Slow-motion talking. It`s pretty simple, you just need to speak as slow as you need to. Try to say one syllable after another. Just one word at the time, then moving to the next word.
  • Practice your speech in front of a mirror. Try to look at your face and see how you look like when you pronounce words. Just try it little by little!
  • Don`t be shy or afraid. There may be pauses while you are speaking. You just need to choose your own pace right now to speak words correctly etc.

Stammering Cure

There is no magic pill that can stop stammering. The British Stammering Association recommends therapy as the best cure for stammering. You just need to follow your doctors` treatment list. Also, it`s also possible that specialist may prescribe a group therapy. In a group therapy, you will see other people who are suffering from the same disorder. Knowing you are not alone can help increase confidence which in turn can alleviate your stammering.

well Technology can also be used. You can consult your doctor about an electronic device that can help to reduce stammering. Nonetheless, do not forget that it`s only a part of your therapy! Your ultimate goal is to speak freely without any electronic device!

some doctors do advise adding dried dates, almonds and Indian gooseberry to your diet. These products can help you to train your jaws and tongue.

Lifestyle changes

You need to change your lifestyle.

Stammering usually occurs as a result of psychological trauma. Building your self-confidence is another necessary step in reducing your stammering. When you are confident – you do not feel stress. Eventually, you will find your inner confidence to speak freely without stammering.


It is impossible to go through all the stages of stammering without support from your family and friends. Let them know that you want to deal with stammering. Ask them to help you.

If you don’t stammer this does not mean you should mock those that stammer, support and care for them.

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