Ongoing Recruitment For Travel Consultant Jobs in Canada

Ongoing Recruitment For Travel Consultant Jobs in Canada

Canada is a nation in the Western part of America. It houses a few of the biggest and the most stunning lakes in the world. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are the 3 largest metropolitan areas in Canada with Ottawa as the capital city. It has a high-income economy and a very good climate that is inviting to immigrants as over 60% of the nation’s population are immigrants.

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Job Description

We’re quickly hiring an active, dedicated, and skilled person to function as TRAVEL CONSULTANT for our expanding clients in CANADA.


  1. Offer professional recommendations and advice to clients in choosing an appropriate traveling options
  2. Building and cultivating a long term relationship with our customers
  3. Sell a complete variety of recommended vendor products to fulfill and go beyond targets
  4. The stipulation of exact and thorough travel info to customers
  5. Help clients make travel reservations and holiday accommodations
  6. Other tasks assigned
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  1. Prior Experience is a must
  2. Great communication skills
  3. Great planning and issue-resolving abilities
  4. Substantial geographical understanding and traveling experience
  5. Focus on details