Tomato Pickers Jobs In Canada…Apply Now!!!

Tomato Pickers Jobs In Canada…Apply Now!!!

Canada is a country in Western part of North America and home to some of the largest and most stunning lakes. Ottawa is the capital city with Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal as the three other largest metropolitan areas in Canada. It has a high income economy and also welcoming to immigrants as over 60% of the country’s population are immigrant.

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Job Description

We’re urgently recruiting active, dedicated and experienced individual to serve as TOMATO PICKERS for our growing agricultural clients in CANADA. As the tomato picker, you’ll be responsible for the planting, cultivating and harvesting of tomatoes and other fruits through the use of manual tools and machinery as required.

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Responsibilities :

  • Prompt and regular picking of tomatoes as required
  • Prompt and regular cutting of leaf when required
  • Prompt and regular removal of weeds
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the work environment
  • Help in planting of new crops
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 Requirements :

  • Good communication skills
  • Able to comprehend written instructions
  • Capable of bending and standing for long hours
  • Good physical and mental health